i just really hope all of you find someone who is really cool that you can love and have sex with and all that shit but you can also talk politics and about evolution. someone you don’t cling to at parties but you nonchalantly grab their ass when you walk by them in the crowd and someone you reach for at 2am in between dreams to cuddle.

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I have feminist views, but I feel like I want to be treated as a woman. I can financially, mentally, physically, and emotionally support myself 100% but having a man to also have that support is crucial. I need a man that supports himself and has the option of supporting me as well. Having that someone to make you feel safe and secure is such a benefit to have in your life. I really need that.

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Relationships shouldn’t be something you have to mend into to make it better, right? Just don’t think I should be trying this hard

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